Welcome to our wedding website!

Thank you for celebrating with us, whether it was driving up the street or flying across the country! We appreciate your presence, your presents, and your friendship over the years.

Here are some responses to a few Frequently Asked Questions we've had since the wedding:

Q: It looks like your registry is almost complete. How/where can I send you a gift?
A: We ask that you directly support our connections with Friends of the Orphans or IFES/Guyana on our behalf. You can find more info on the registry page. This would truly be a gift to us to see others granted opportunities on our behalf.

Q: tmo, what was that song you sang at the reception for Ashley? Did you write that?
A: Nope, I didn't write that song. The song that me, my dad (Guitar), my cousin Lamont (drums), and my friend Lois (bass) performed is called "Unfailing Love", written and recorded by Jimmy Needham on his album "Not Without Love".

Q: Who was your photographer? And can we see pictures from the day?
A: The photographer was tmo's good friend Erica White of Riveting Reflections. Once you reach her website, go to the "Clients" section and enter "ashleythomas" for the password. You'll be able to see our engagment pictures and our wedding pictures. Enjoy!

Q: Where did y'all go for a honeymoon?
A: Well... we haven't had our honeymoon yet, but we did enjoy a wonderful stay at the Park Avenue Mansion. If you're looking for an easy getaway in Da Lou, we highly recommend it!

For more info that you don't see on this site, please contact us wedding@thomasjmooreiii.com.

much love,
ashley and tmo

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