the party
We are grateful for our family and friends over the years and especially grateful for those who are celebrating as part of our wedding party!

Courtney Mack
Matron of Honor

Courtney was born in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection, Philadelphia, PA. In 1999, she and her mother made the journey to the Mid-West to Edwardsville, IL. It was there that she had the pleasure of meeting Ashley during their freshman year at Edwardsville High School. She and Ashley had an instant connection, and since 1999, the two have become more than friends, but sisters. In 2001, Courtney and Ashley experienced the loss of Courtneyís mother and the challenge of facing a long distance friendship. Though the distance separates them, Ashley and Courtney have remained close. The two have traveled back and forth for proms, graduations, and birthday weekends. Courtney, a graduate of Drexel University and Eastern University, now works as an English teacher and is happily married to her husband Minister James Mack. Her great loves include God, family and friends, football, and cooking
Rachael Phillips

A Hoosier for life, Rachael grew up in beautiful northern Indiana amidst cornfields and basketball hoops. At 18, she flew the coop and headed to St. Louis for college at WashU. Ashley quickly became one of her first friends there her freshman year. Rachael and Ashley joined the InterVarsity group Harambee, and there met Thomas who had also joined. Through those years of school (and beyond), Ashley and Thomas became some of her dearest friends. Rachael and Ashley even lived together sophomore year at WashU and their first year after graduation on good old Leland Avenue. Rachael now teaches 7th grade English at Carr Lane Middle School in downtown St. Louis. Always a Hoosier, Rachael still enjoys basketball as well as Twizzlers, her wonderful church family, and awesome movies such as Roll Bounce and Sister Act II.
LaSilvia Franklin

"Greetings! My name is LaSilvia D. Franklin. I am a bridesmaid in this lovely union of T-Mo and Ashley June. I am a graduate of Missouri Western State University where I received a Bachelor of Science degree. As of now, I am a student at Fontbonne University in line to receive a Masters in Business Administration. I am a member of Mt. Nebo MB Church. I enjoy working in the audio/visual ministry and teaching Sunday school class. Riding motorcycles is a new endeavor that I have begun. I currently own a Yamaha RX6. I look forward to having the opportunity to race at the Gateway Motorsports Park in the near future. I have had the GREAT opportunity to know Ashley from the beautiful, awesome town of Madison, IL through fellowshipping and ministering in our community! In my sparetime, I enjoy spending time with my family and watching a Law and Order Special Victims Unit marathon."
Shaylen Jackson

Shaylen was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan where she eventually stayed to pursue a degree from Western Michigan University. During her time at WMU she became a member of the InterVarsity Chapter. After a series of life changing experiences within the ministry, Shaylen was invited to join staff with InterVarsity. It was there that she first met Thomas and Ashley, as they all came on staff and served their intern years at the same time. Ashley and Shaylen have continued to become closer as they have remained on staff with InterVarsity, and as they room together at every conference. Shaylen is currently on staff with InterVarsity at Michigan State University. She LOVES sports (especially football). good music, close friends, and last but not least her Detroit Lions.
Shannon Moore

Commonly known as the best little sister that ever existed, Shannon was born into the Moore family 19 years ago. Her ever-so-lucky big brothers have always adored their lovely and talented sister. Having known Thomas literally since she was born, he has been like a third parental figure (although often unwanted ) for most of this time. Shannon first met Ashley during one of Harambee's Vision's concerts, where she thought "Oh snap, that girl is crazy talented, and so pretty!" Currently finishing her first year at Saint Louis University, Shannon cannot wait for the most exciting part of her summer, as well as the wonderful addition to the family: a new big sister!
Shawn Moore
Best Man

Shawn Moore was born to Thomas and Sharon Moore and has two siblings, Thomas and Shannon Moore. He first attended West Side Christian Academy for Elementary school and St. Ann Catholic School in Normandy for middle school. From ages 9-13, he played football, basketball, baseball, and track and excelled in the classroom as well. In high school, he attended St. Louis University High School where he played football and ran track for all four years. He graduated SLUH in 2008 and attended the University of Missouri in Columbia in the fall. He majored in biological sciences and was involved in undergraduate research as well as different research and pre-health organizations. Shawn graduate on May 12, 2012 with a Bachelorís of Science in Biology and will attend graduate school for a Masterís in the fall and will be applying to medical school in the future.
Carl Lambert

"Hey! My name is Carl Lambert, and I was born and raised in Calumet Park, a south suburb in Chicago. I've had the distinct pleasure of knowing the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Moore since college, particularly through our InterVarsity Christian Fellowship group known as Harambee. Ashley and I lived on the same freshman floor, and Thomas and I were co-leaders of a college Bible study group. Through the grace of God (in addition through the love, friendship, example, and prayers of these two phenomenal people) I'm currently a family physician at West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park, IL. I am grateful for being able to work within my calling, which is providing quality, full-spectrum primary care in Austin, one of the most medically underserved communities in Chicago. Truly, Thomas and Ashley are such fantastic and inspiring Christ-centered people, and it's an honor and blessing to help celebrate a love so wonderful that God so intricately wove together."
Adam Leong

Adam was born on the sunny coast of Southern California before heading off to the great city of Saint Louis where he majored in InterVarsity and Intramural Coaching at WashU (Go Bears!) It was there he had the pleasure of meeting both Ashley and Tmo, especially Sophomore year when he officially lived with Tmo but they both spent most of their time at Ashley's dorm. From there the friendships grew to the point where he is lucky to call both of them two of his best friends. Adam now works for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at the University of Missouri, leading two chapters, Asian Christian Fellowship, and Mizzou Black Campus Ministries. His great loves include Mama Leong, delicious food, and the (World Champion) Saint Louis Cardinals.
Daniel Seidel

Daniel was born and raised in "sunny" Seattle, Washington but ended up in the Midwest for a short period of life. During that time he briefly met Thomas and Ashley through an InterVarsity conference, and has become great friends with T- Mo over these last few years they have both spent in Seattle. Daniel graduated from the University of Washington (in Seattle) in June and has a job in social work. In his spare time he enjoys trying to convince out of towners, such as Ashley, that "it really doesn't always rain this much."
Jon-Pierre Mitchom

Jon-Pierre became friends with Thomas while attending the same church in St. Louis, Transformation Christian Church, where they learned of each other's passion for music and ministry. He is married to Shelley, with whom they have two sons: Jon-Paul and Jon-Piers. Currently, Jon-Pierre is pursuing a Master's degree in counseling at Missouri Baptist University.
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